Phonics Resources to Accelerate your Preschooler’s Reading Skills

With the launch of Kutuki’s all-new Phonics worksheets for Nursery, LKG, and UKG, your preschooler’s beloved companions, Kutu, Ki, and Minku, can’t keep calm! They can’t wait to join your little one on a whole new learning journey. Beyond Kutuki’s rhymes, stories, games, and activities, these worksheets will take your little one through Kutuki’s newly designed fun and engaging phonics resources that are sure to lead them on the path to being confident readers. 

Why is Phonics Important: 

Though your child can recognize letters, they may not necessarily know how they sound. Knowledge of sound-spelling relationships can enable your child to become skilled readers. Phonics for kids, which is all about learning letters and their sounds, focuses on improving reading fluency and comprehension. Phonics-based reading will help your child map sounds onto letters, thus enabling them to decode words. Additionally, as phonics teaching methods lay emphasis on spelling patterns, it improves your child’s spelling ability.

Resources to Accelerate your Preschooler’s Phonics Capabilities

Unlike other regional languages in India, as English is not a phonetic language, the activities that focus on English reading should focus on helping children connect letters with their sounds. It is important to create multi-sensory experiences that will lay the foundation for how your child will start forming words while reading, speaking, and writing. Kutuki’s phonics kit covers just that and more.


In addition to the child-centric content, which focuses on phonics for kindergarteners through the interactive app and online preschool programs, Kutuki’s early learning platform recently launched their new offering- phonics worksheets. Together with the other interactive elements, these phonics worksheets will take your child, along with their favourite learning partners- Kutu, Ki, and Minku, through a continuous, immersive phonics learning experience. 


Designed by early learning experts, these phonics worksheets, available both as a digital version and physical booklets, have been developed based on years of research with proven results. The content focuses on making phonics learning fun, systematic, and structured. These engaging phonics worksheets will build a strong foundation in basic phonics concepts in your preschooler. 


Divided into 3 learning levels- Nursery, LKG, and UKG, Kutuki’s worksheet packages cover all important phonics concepts. Key concepts covered in each package include phonics letter sounds, word families, phonics CVC words, sight words, phonics short and long vowel sounds, phonics blends, phonics digraphs, and trigraphs, and phonics reading passages and writing practice.

Phonics Worksheets for Nursery: With over 150 worksheets, this package is the perfect learning and practice tool for phonics for your little learner. Accompanying your 3-4 year old throughout their learning journey, Kutu, Ki, and Minku will introduce your little one to the basics of phonics with pictures and fun games. They will learn:

  • Letter sounds

  • CVC words

  • Pre-writing activities

For instance, in one such activity, your little one, together with Kutu and Ki, will have to find their way through a maze by colouring the letter ‘a’ to reach Minku!

These sample worksheets will give you a glimpse of what the phonics worksheets have to offer! 

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Phonics Worksheets for LKG:  Ideal for 4-5 year olds, this phonics kit consisting of 350+ worksheets will strengthen the curious little champions understanding of phonic rules. 

These worksheets will enable them to:

  • 26 letter sounds

  • CVC words

  • Sight word,  

  • Short & long vowels

  • Writing Practice

Kutu and Ki, for instance, will have your little one guessing the correct CVC word through fun and clever riddles. 

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Phonics Worksheets for UKG: Through creative and exciting activities, the 350+ worksheets in this package will enable the mighty geniuses of over 5 years of age to: 

  • 26 letter sounds

  • CVC words

  • Sight words  

  • Short & long vowels

  • Blends and Digraphs

  • Trigraphs

  • Reading and Writing Practice

For instance, in one such fun game activity, your little one will join Kutu and Ki in a dice game where they will form a sentence for every sight word encountered. 

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The right blend of activities- image finding, tracing, colouring, writing practice, puzzles, and rhymes- these phonics worksheets will provide your child with a multi-sensorial phonics learning experience. When done in order without missing a single activity set at a pace that best suits your child, these worksheets can truly strengthen basic phonics concepts and help them achieve their learning outcomes effectively.

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