The Necessity of Cursive Writing in Today’s Age?

Useful guide on whether cursive writing is required for preschoolers today You are all probably familiar with this- a time when you sat down every day to practice each letter of the English alphabet on cursive writing worksheets. No matter how much, as a preschooler, you may have enjoyed cursive writing practice, it was the […]

10 Simple Activities for Kids to Bust Boredom

activities for kids to do when bored

No matter how many toys your little has or despite all the activities for kids that you have lined up for them, there will be those moments when you hear them say, ‘Mama, Papa, I am bored!’. Maybe their friends are away, or the children’s online games and toys have exceeded their attention lifespan, or […]

Developmental Milestones in Preschool Learning for Children

learning for children

Your child in their early years is exposed to and learns a number of areas simultaneously. Early year learning for children is critical as they help enhance your child’s abilities and provides the much-required foundation upon which all future learning depends. Child development is not limited to your child merely learning A, B, C, and […]

8 Tips For Choosing the Best Online Preschool Classes

online preschool classes

School has certainly looked very different in every household in this past year. In times like these, there seems to be no escaping technology as online classes, as an alternative to the traditional learning setup, are here to stay for a while. Though enrolling your child in online preschool classes is a personal parenting choice, […]

8 Benefits of Storytelling For Children

storytelling for kids

Remember those moments when your little one sits enthralled, listening to you with wide eyes and mouth open? Then suddenly burst out into peals of laughter or broke into a smile as you read their favourite stories out to them? The tone of your voice, gestures, and facial expressions as you read stories for children […]

7 Simple Tips to Increase Attention Span in Preschoolers

increase attention span in kids

With their naturally curious and unmatchable energy, your child ever so often can pose a challenge when it comes to getting them to sit in one place and finish something without getting too distracted. As they are wired differently, it is normal for young kids to start off with short attention spans. In due course, […]

Key Skills Preschoolers Need for Grade 1

Skills preschoolers need for Grade 1

Kindergarten gives your child the much-required foundation upon which all future learning depends. Learning for kindergartners is focused more on developmental goals rather than only teaching kids to read and write. It prepares your child to take on first grade as they enter the world of regular school. The transition from kindergarten to first grade […]

An Overview of Early Childhood Education in India

early education program in India

The building blocks for all learning in a child are laid during the early years of 0 to 6 years. Early childhood education program ensures that your child has a strong foundation for future development in terms of better learning and improved outcomes at all educational levels. Preschool teaching interventions can contribute immensely to a […]

4 Reasons Why A Daily Routine for Kids Is Important.

daily routine for kids

Each and every one of us has a routine, don’t we? Similarly, it is necessary to have a daily routine for kids to ensure their overall development of children. The pandemic has led to the closure of preschoolers everywhere and also disrupted our kids’ daily routine. Many parents and caregivers are forming new daily routine […]

All About Short and Long Vowel Sounds for Preschoolers

Have you ever wondered or been asked by your child why ‘a’ in ‘cat’ and ‘cake’ sound different? Or why words like ‘cub’ and ‘cube’ are pronounced differently though their spellings are almost similar? Well, you are not alone! The sounds of the letters of the English alphabet can vary quite a bit. In some […]