An Overview of Early Childhood Education in India

early education program in India

The building blocks for all learning in a child are laid during the early years of 0 to 6 years. Early childhood education program ensures that your child has a strong foundation for future development in terms of better learning and improved outcomes at all educational levels. Preschool teaching interventions can contribute immensely to a […]

4 Reasons Why A Daily Routine for Kids Is Important.

daily routine for kids

Each and every one of us has a routine, don’t we? Similarly, it is necessary to have a daily routine for kids to ensure their overall development of children. The pandemic has led to the closure of preschoolers everywhere and also disrupted our kids’ daily routine. Many parents and caregivers are forming new daily routine […]

All About Short and Long Vowel Sounds for Preschoolers

Have you ever wondered or been asked by your child why ‘a’ in ‘cat’ and ‘cake’ sound different? Or why words like ‘cub’ and ‘cube’ are pronounced differently though their spellings are almost similar? Well, you are not alone! The sounds of the letters of the English alphabet can vary quite a bit. In some […]

10 Simple Ways to Introduce Reading for Kids

reading for kids

Just as our kids constantly learn so much from their surroundings, reading for kids put their minds to work. As they soak in the stories, they make connections through what they hear and see. Teaching a child to read is all about exploring different worlds together. While there is enough evidence on the benefits of […]

The Kutuki Kids Education App – Here’s What You Must Know! (PART-II)

The Kutuki App is India’s first Kids Education App made by expert early educators solely for Indian preschoolers. The Kutuki Kids Education App is a creative preschool kids app filled with engaging rhymes, interactive stories, fun-filled games combined with eye-catching illustrations and animations and loved by over a million preschoolers across the country. The entire […]

The Kutuki Kids Learning App – Here’s What You Must Know! (PART-I)

The Kutuki Kids Learning App is an e-learning app for kids ranging between two to six years. The Kutuki App is India’s first preschool app made by early education experts filled with hundreds of fresh, original and engaging rhymes, interactive stories and games filled with attractive animations and illustrations created especially to meet the learning needs of Indian preschoolers.