10 Best Ways to Handle Your Child’s Tantrums

Simple effective ideas to handle preschooler tantrums and meltdowns If one thinks about it, toddler tantrums are very much like boiling milk. If addressed properly in time, it can be stopped from boiling over. But if left unattended it can result in unpleasant scenes. Most of us parents have encountered such meltdowns atleast once and […]

10 Activities to Manage Separation Anxiety in your Preschooler

Simple strategies on how to deal with separation anxiety among preschoolers Change is never easy for adults, most times, let alone for preschoolers. As our little ones transition to preschool, leaving the security of our homes, the process can be a tough one for them and us. Added to this, over the past two years, […]

Choosing the Best Preschool Curriculum for Your Child

Useful guide when choosing a preschool curriculum that’s best suited for your child With so many options for early education laid out before us, as parents, you always want to choose the best for your child. But one tends to wonder where to begin when it comes to making that choice.  “What preschool curriculum do […]

Phonics Resources to Accelerate your Preschooler’s Reading Skills

With the launch of Kutuki’s all-new Phonics worksheets for Nursery, LKG, and UKG, your preschooler’s beloved companions, Kutu, Ki, and Minku, can’t keep calm! They can’t wait to join your little one on a whole new learning journey. Beyond Kutuki’s rhymes, stories, games, and activities, these worksheets will take your little one through Kutuki’s newly designed fun and engaging phonics […]

10 Ideas to Calm Your Preschooler

Simple effective ideas to calm your preschooler Most of us have witnessed, atleast once, an outburst or a tantrum thrown by a little one. That moment when your bag of ideas to calm your preschooler seems to slip right through your fingers. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it to or in some cases […]