Animal Themed Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool aged children have an innate fascination towards animals. We are certain that your child has a favourite picture book or toy, a rhyme or a birthday cake that is most likely centred around the animal theme. Many children grow up with pets and in most cases they form an inseparable bond with their furry […]

Pre-Writing Skills – 3 Things You Must Know

Just like your child needs to learn to walk before they run, it is important for your child to master pre-writing skills before they get started on their writing journey.  If you’re wondering how to get started on teaching your child some pre-writing skills, read on to find out! We’ve brought to you everything you […]

4 Unique Activities to Teach Your Child Sight Words

We often tend to forget that early learning can be so much fun and engaging when one moves away from the monotonous methods. The land of early learning is flexible; it allows you to teach one individual concept in a million ways.  In this blog, we are going to share multiple strategies for you to […]

Blends and Digraphs – Top 3 Questions [Answered]

I’m sure you’ll agree that teaching English is not as straightforward as we think. Reading is an acquired skill and it takes systematic strategies, multisensory resources and regular practice to develop fluency. Phonics is a powerful tool to teach Reading systemically and within Phonics instruction, one cannot exclude Blends and Digraphs as an important component […]

CVC Words – The Ultimate Guide To Teach Your Child

Reading is an acquired skill and the first step to get your child started  on their reading journey is through CVC Words. We’ve brought to you some experts tips, tricks and techniques to teach your preschooler CVC words.  Read on to find out!  If you’re looking for the right expert to get your child started […]

3 Phonics strategies to supercharge your child’s reading journey

Letters are the first thing that preschool-aged children learn when they are being introduced to a language. Every letter has its own sound (phonics), and it is important to remember that even if a child can identify letters it doesn’t mean that they know its sound. The way we teach children letters and their sounds […]

Phonics- What’s The Fuss About It?

Children as young as six months may say their first word. By one and a half to two they start talking more, and by three, their vocabulary suddenly sky-rockets. Amazing? Spectacular? Marvellous? — none of these words begin to touch upon how full of wonder and discovery that journey is; and how thrilling it is to watch. […]

Baby Talk

Tell us, do you know how a child’s mind functions? Their non stop questions and ideas are nothing short of wild, imaginative and sometimes downright strange. Unlike adults, a child’s mind does not function according to a chronological checklist put inside constrained boxes. It is free from the fear of rigid rules. Children, very innocently […]