Why Is Early Math Important?

Is Math really necessary for a preschooler? Does it have any significance in a young child’s life? As a parent or guardian of a preschooler, we are pretty sure that you may be asking yourself these questions. If you are wondering, why should preschoolers learn math, you’re at the right place.  The early learning experts […]

Three Activities That Can Make Early Math Fun


There are certain foundational mathematical skills that preschoolers should develop before entering primary grade. The main objective of introducing early math is to help our little learners organize the world around them. We may not realise this but there are many day to day experiences in which preschoolers encounter math. Sorting their toys, stacking books, […]

4 Unique Activities to Teach Your Child Sight Words

We often tend to forget that early learning can be so much fun and engaging when one moves away from the monotonous methods. The land of early learning is flexible; it allows you to teach one individual concept in a million ways.  In this blog, we are going to share multiple strategies for you to […]

Blends and Digraphs – Top 3 Questions [Answered]

I’m sure you’ll agree that teaching English is not as straightforward as we think. Reading is an acquired skill and it takes systematic strategies, multisensory resources and regular practice to develop fluency. Phonics is a powerful tool to teach Reading systemically and within Phonics instruction, one cannot exclude Blends and Digraphs as an important component […]

Powerful ways to overcome the fear of Math

When I was a child, I was terrified of Maths the way some people are terrified of heights or being stuck in a narrow elevator or being attacked by a gang of bees. I was phobic. Maths-phobic. This seems strange in retrospect, because as an adult I use maths a lot, and use it reasonably […]