6 Reasons Why Kutuki Is the Best Learning App For Preschoolers

Out of several learning apps for preschoolers available in the market, what if we told you that you could meet your little one’s early learning needs in just a few clicks? An e-learning app with hundreds of originally produced rhymes and stories focusing on various early learning milestones occupied with eye-catching animations and illustrations that […]

Three Interesting Transportation-Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Have you ever wondered why transportation is the most popular theme for preschoolers? Besides playing with their toy cars, trucks and aeroplanes, they also visually experience it by looking at different vehicles on the road and driving along with mumma and pappa while they shop. Since preschoolers possess a natural interest in transportation it is […]

Three Skills Children Learn From Festivals

One of the most joyous times of the year is when we celebrate festivals together as a family. India is one of the most vibrant countries in the world, with an infinite number of festivals, each with its own unique tradition and purpose. There are several festivals like harvest festivals, new years, folk festivals and […]

Three Activities That Can Make Early Math Fun


There are certain foundational mathematical skills that preschoolers should develop before entering primary grade. The main objective of introducing early math is to help our little learners organize the world around them. We may not realise this but there are many day to day experiences in which preschoolers encounter math. Sorting their toys, stacking books, […]

Animal Themed Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool aged children have an innate fascination towards animals. We are certain that your child has a favourite picture book or toy, a rhyme or a birthday cake that is most likely centred around the animal theme. Many children grow up with pets and in most cases they form an inseparable bond with their furry […]

Pre-Writing Skills – 3 Things You Must Know

Just like your child needs to learn to walk before they run, it is important for your child to master pre-writing skills before they get started on their writing journey.  If you’re wondering how to get started on teaching your child some pre-writing skills, read on to find out! We’ve brought to you everything you […]

CVC Words – The Ultimate Guide To Teach Your Child

Reading is an acquired skill and the first step to get your child started  on their reading journey is through CVC Words. We’ve brought to you some experts tips, tricks and techniques to teach your preschooler CVC words.  Read on to find out!  If you’re looking for the right expert to get your child started […]

3 Phonics strategies to supercharge your child’s reading journey

Letters are the first thing that preschool-aged children learn when they are being introduced to a language. Every letter has its own sound (phonics), and it is important to remember that even if a child can identify letters it doesn’t mean that they know its sound. The way we teach children letters and their sounds […]

Is your child still singing Wheels on the Bus?

For generations, we have been learning the same old children’s stories and songs, be it ‘Wheels on the Bus’ or ‘Chubby Cheeks’ with characters that have blond hair and blue eyes, with British or American accents, living in houses with picket fences and fireplaces, eating ham and jam. They are far away from the realities […]

Why is culturally relevant content important for early learners?

A lot of families have come back to us saying they enjoy the fact that Kutuki’s content is culturally grounded. Children are happy to see characters like them and to hear and see songs and stories involving parents, grandparents and the Indian family cosmos. Given this almost automatic connect that children and parents are feeling, […]