Why is culturally relevant content important for early learners?

A lot of families have come back to us saying they enjoy the fact that Kutuki’s content is culturally grounded. Children are happy to see characters like them and to hear and see songs and stories involving parents, grandparents and the Indian family cosmos. Given this almost automatic connect that children and parents are feeling, […]

3 Little Friends who can make Early Learning fun during COVID.


These are unprecedented times and nothing seems to be the same anymore due to the COVID Pandemic. Mothers have to suddenly take on the role of early educators, preschools are grappling with the use of technology to go virtual and children are losing touch with the rhythm of their daily routine. We at Kutuki have […]

Screen Time that is Guilt Free

Do you use a mobile phone? If your answer is yes (which we’re 100% sure it is), it means that your child is a digital native. And that is the hard truth. There is no escaping technology, whether we like it or not. ‘Screen time’ is a big concern among parents but ironically the use […]