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daily routine for kids

4 Reasons Why A Daily Routine for Kids Is Important.

Each and every one of us has a routine, don’t we? Similarly, it is necessary to have a daily routine for kids to ensure their overall development of children. The pandemic has led to the closure of preschoolers everywhere and

All About Short and Long Vowel Sounds for Preschoolers

Have you ever wondered or been asked by your child why ‘a’ in ‘cat’ and ‘cake’ sound different? Or why words like ‘cub’ and ‘cube’ are pronounced differently though their spellings are almost similar? Well, you are not alone! The

reading for kids

10 Simple Ways to Introduce Reading for Kids

Just as our kids constantly learn so much from their surroundings, reading for kids put their minds to work. As they soak in the stories, they make connections through what they hear and see. Teaching a child to read is

The Kutuki Kids Learning App – Here’s What You Must Know! (PART-I)

The Kutuki Kids Learning App is an e-learning app for kids ranging between two to six years. The Kutuki App is India’s first preschool app made by early education experts filled with hundreds of fresh, original and engaging rhymes, interactive stories and games filled with attractive animations and illustrations created especially to meet the learning needs of Indian preschoolers.

Three Skills Children Learn From Festivals

One of the most joyous times of the year is when we celebrate festivals together as a family. India is one of the most vibrant countries in the world, with an infinite number of festivals, each with its own unique

Choosing the Best Preschool Curriculum for Your Child

Useful guide when choosing a preschool curriculum that’s best suited for your child With so many options for early education laid out before us, as parents, you always want to choose the best for your child. But one tends to

10 Ideas to Calm Your Preschooler

Simple effective ideas to calm your preschooler Most of us have witnessed, atleast once, an outburst or a tantrum thrown by a little one. That moment when your bag of ideas to calm your preschooler seems to slip right through

activities for kids to do when bored

10 Simple Activities for Kids to Bust Boredom

No matter how many toys your little has or despite all the activities for kids that you have lined up for them, there will be those moments when you hear them say, ‘Mama, Papa, I am bored!’. Maybe their friends

learning for children

Developmental Milestones in Preschool Learning for Children

Your child in their early years is exposed to and learns a number of areas simultaneously. Early year learning for children is critical as they help enhance your child’s abilities and provides the much-required foundation upon which all future learning

online preschool classes

8 Tips For Choosing the Best Online Preschool Classes

School has certainly looked very different in every household in this past year. In times like these, there seems to be no escaping technology as online classes, as an alternative to the traditional learning setup, are here to stay for