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Powerful ways to overcome the fear of Math

When I was a child, I was terrified of Maths the way some people are terrified of heights or being stuck in a narrow elevator or being attacked by a gang of bees. I was phobic. Maths-phobic. This seems strange

The Top Three Questions on Blends and Digraphs

I’m sure you’ll agree that teaching English is not as straightforward as we think. Reading is an acquired skill and it takes systematic strategies, multisensory resources and regular practice to develop fluency. Phonics is a powerful tool to teach Reading

The Ultimate Guide To Teach Your Child ‘CVC’ Words

Reading is an acquired skill and the first step to get your child started  on their reading journey is through CVC Words. We’ve brought to you some experts tips, tricks and techniques to teach your preschooler CVC words.  Read on

Is your child still singing Wheels on the Bus?

For generations, we have been learning the same old children’s stories and songs, be it ‘Wheels on the Bus’ or ‘Chubby Cheeks’ with characters that have blond hair and blue eyes, with British or American accents, living in houses with

Why the fuss about Phonics?

Children as young as six months may say their first word. By one and a half to two they start talking more, and by three, their vocabulary suddenly sky-rockets. Amazing? Spectacular? Marvellous? — none of these words begin to touch upon how